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Brain Shift Radio

Hi ForumMates!

In keeping with our mission to provide YOU access to unusual, premium and superior mind-body goods, services and training that you can access online, we are please to partner with the Jeff Strong Institute, to bring you Brain Shift Radio. Change your mood, energy level, focus, relax or enhance meditation without the need for headphones or any special gear. 

Personalized Music Mixed for Your Brain


Take control of your brain with Brain Shift Radio. Improve your focus, reduce your anxiety, fall asleep fast, raise your energy, or enhance your cognitive abilities. Brain Shift Radio is the first and only interactive, personalized streaming radio. Here, you mix the rhythmic and ambient components of auditory brain stimulation and rhythmic entrainment to impact your brain in very specific ways.

We all use music in prescriptive ways. But Brain Shift Radio takes it a few steps further: We are researched and proven. And Brain Shift Radio caters to your needs at any given moment. So, do you wish to focus? Or do you want to sleep? How about a little calm? You can let us choose the mix or you can mix your own. Either way, Brain Shift Radio will take you where you want to go.

Register today and get FREE access to see if Brain Shift Radio is right for you and your brain.
It's your brain.  Take control of it!