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Rex sez :  We know that it can be hard to find stuff in Thailand (an elsewhere for that matter).  So, in keeping with the MBT policy of providing access to mind-body goods and services online as well as "on the ground" here in Thailand, we are very pleased to partner with two fine hypnosis providers, HypnoShop and Hypnosis Downloads that will allow you to instantly obtain wonderful, powerful, effective and helpful hypnosis recordings for download, that you can begin using and benefiting from immediately  Read our little introduction to hypnosis below and then visit the links to HypnoShop and Hypnosis Downloads to get started


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You are getting sleeeeeepy . . .

Hehehehehe . . . Don't let your small attempt at humor put off!  Hypnosis is not scary, and is nothing like the Hollywood "B" movie version suggested by the image.  It is neither a magic bullet nor a hoax.  It is an accessible, available tool that anyone can make use of to their benefit.

So, what exactly is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is about relaxing to attain a state of mind where you are reception to suggestions that will help you attain specific goals and make positive changes in your life concerning your behavior, thinking and emotions.


Does it work?

Absolutely!  Hypnosis is a well established practice in medical, psychiatric and behavior fields, with a proven track record of helping people make positive changes in their lives.

Is it magic?

Don't be silly! 

What can hypnosis do for me?

Hypnosis has a long and proven track record of helping people change behaviors; adopt new, positive behaviors, and cease unwanted negative behaviors.   It can help to improve mood, energy, and performance.  It can help foster and maintain positive mental attitudes, beliefs and desirable states such as confidence.  Here is a partial list of the issues hypnosis can be helpful with, especially if combined with other approaches,

  • Addictions, alcohol & substance abuse
  • Attain peak performance
  • Depression
  • Diet, exercise, healthy lifestyle
  • Goal setting and attaining
  • Grief and loss
  • Motivation\
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Pain management
  • Phobias, fears and anxiety
  • Post-trauma anxiety
  • Relaxation, Stress management
  • Sleep disorders
  • Weight loss, eating disorders


The list is a long one.  In keeping with the MBT mission of providing access to goods and services online which you may have difficulty finding "on the ground" in Thailand and elsewhere, we are going to introduce  you to two wonderful sources for hypnotic recordings, HypnoShop and Hypnosis Downloads, both of which are excellent, and both have a very long menu of sessions that you can download as MP3 files, and begin using and benefiting from immediately.

The great John Barrymore
Svengali -1931

Is it magic?

As we said, don't be silly! As much as we love to watch the admittedly very impressive Keith Barry and other stage hypnotists, such people are essentially entertainers and create a distorted concept of hypnosis.  Having said that,  small percentage of people are very sensitive to hypnosis, and for those lucky ones, it can seem to work like magic.  The rest of us, however, will get varying degrees of benefit depending upon a number of factors. While everyone will benefit to one degree or another,  as they say, "Your mileage may vary."  Some of the attitudes and factors which insure the most success include:

• Be positive, but undemanding.  Maintain  an open, relaxed "Let's see what happens" attitude.

• Be willing to listen to your session daily for the first month, and then occasionally thereafter

Hypnosis works best when

• It is used as a part of a comprehensive program of behavior modification and self-improvement

• It is used on a daily basis for the first 30 days and then occasionally thereafter

• It you think of it as  "self-hypnosis."

• If not used to try to avoid taking personal responsibility for change.

That is, do not regard hypnosis  as some outside agent that is making your do anything  It can be extremely helpful, even powerful,  but should not be thought of as a way of avoiding personal responsibility or getting out of doing the "heavy lifting" that is usually required in personal change.    All the suggestions are ultimately suggestions you are giving yourself, even if you hear them from another person or on a recording. They are things you desire and consciously make a part of your thinking , attitudes and values . . . and finally behavior.  That is why we say that in reality, all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis.

In between sessions, take all the practical steps to deal with your issue that you would if you were not using hypnosis.  In other words, regard hypnosis as one vital ingredient in your comprehensive program of personal change . . . but not the only ingredient.  So, if you are stopping smoking for example, don't skip your support group meetings if you are enrolled in them.  Be prepared; have healthy substitutes for tobacco on hand.  Make your home a "smoke-free zone," get rid of all tobacco products and smoking paraphernalia such as ash trays and lighters.    Drink lots and lots of water.  Exercise.  Eat sensibly.  Practice slow, abdominal breathing.  There is a whole "laundry list" of things you can being doing for the first several weeks to increase your chances of success. This is not meant to be an extensive lesson on stopping smoking, but just an example that you can generalize to any issue of personal change you are working on.  The point being that hypnosis in the context of a comprehensive program of personal change has the best chance of success, and hypnosis can make the process a lot easier.

Franz Anton Mesmer the German physician who in 1788 proposed the theory of "animal magnetism"  which became known as "mesmerism," an early precursor to modern hypnosis


Do not think of hypnosis as a "pill" that you swallow that will solve all of your problems without you having to do anything else.  Hypnosis works if you work with it! That means a comprehensive program of positive behavior change including having a good support system of friends and family, applying good behavior modification practices, reading and learning all you can about the issues and goals you are trying to establish, seeking professional help when and if needed

Although there is popular psycho-babble which says that "Will-power doesn't work," we think this is terribly misleading.  It should read "Will-power alone doesn't work!"  "Alone" is the key concept here.  Of course will power and self-discipline work!  Not only do they work, but they are an essential ingredient of any behavior change program, as is the willingness to accept some discomfort.  But yes, they need to be applied within the comprehensive program of personal change we have been discussing.  So, please to not fall into the trap of imagining that hypnosis is going to relieve you of having to do the necessary an often hard work of changing.  However, it can certainly help to make it easier and more pleasant and bolster your motivation to preserve and succeed, and "internalize" your changes so that they become, for all intents and purposes, permanent. If you are one of the lucky ones who is naturally sensitive to hypnosis, it can work like a dynamo, almost magically to produce rapid, gentle and comfortable change.

We are very pleased to partner with two of the best sources on the internet for hypnotic recordings (both CD's by mail as well as MP3's that you can download and being using and benefiting from immediately. I use both to great effect.  They are terrific. Click the links below to read more, and then go have a looksee at some of the titles offered,  and visit their wonderful  websites.



Although there dozens of websites offering hypnotic CDs and downloads, and I am familiar with quite a few of them, I have carefully chosen two of the very best to recommend to you. I use both, benefit from them personally, and know that they are safe and effective.    One of the things I like about the HypnoShop materials is that their programs run slightly shorter than Hypnosis Downloads, around 20 minutes compared to 30 minutes or so, which may give them a slight edge in terms of fitting into a busy lifestyle. In any event, both are excellent and as a part of a comprehensive program of behavior change, will help you achieve your goals.  Have a looksee. Give them a try, and please write to us and let us know about your experience, or if we can be of help in any way.  ~Rex


We are very pleased to partner with Hypnosis Downloads.  I, Rex, use and benefit form their programs, and highly recommend them.


HypnoShop recordings run slightly shorter than Hypnosis Downloads, around 20 minutes compared to 30 minutes, which may give them a slight edge in terms of fitting into a busy lifestyle.

We are very pleased to partner with HypnoShop.com   I, Rex, use and benefit form their programs and highly recommend them.