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Author Topic: Secular Recovery Anonymous  (Read 1191 times)


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Secular Recovery Anonymous
« on: April 30, 2014, 04:34:00 AM »
 Wed 30 Apr, 11:22 am

Hi ForumMates,

I just stumbled upon a Facebook page which seems worthy of support:  "Secular Recovery Anonymous."    https://www.facebook.com/groups/SecularRecoveryAnonymous/

It is still small but as  it (and the founder) reflect my own values and attitudes about recovery very closely, we salute a valuable service and hope for continued  development and outreach:  Here is the "About page"

SRA has been created for those of us that are looking for an alternative 12 step fellowship that does not require members to adhere to religion or spiritual dogma. Whereas we do not dismiss the importance of a spiritual life for some of us, we do not require that that life require dogmatic adherence and practice or that any member identify him/herself as spiritual. All are welcome, whether you be an alcoholic, addict, or both; and we hope to create a place of discussion and peaceful harmony. We are open minded to new ideas and wish to let our fellowship grow in an organic fashion.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

The reason I happened upon the site today is because I am looking for a way to expand the outreach of the  recovery section of this forum.  Some years ago, we started SRC / Secular Recovery Community. Very ambitious.  The idea was to be an umbrella for the still-struggling Secular Recovery Movement, to provide a place for those in recovery to meet online, and also a directory to locate  nearby F2F (face-to-face) meetings  "on the ground."  Unfortunately, collectively, all of the support group meetings of all the secular recovery organizations and support groups worldwide  don't represent even a fraction of the 150,000 12th Step meetings which take place every day in nearly every country of the world.   So, in our opinion, it is very important to be able to get people to F2F recovery meetings, of any flavor, and failing that , provide a place for online support.  As always, we see such meetings as a friendly alternative to traditional 12 Step groups, and share the mutual goal of abstinence from alcohol and mood altering drugs, as well as supporting the idea of support group meetings and the process of one alcoholic/addict helping another.  

It was a painful personal failure when this ambitious project did not work out.  The details are unimportant, but the reasons involved a combination of under-funding, lack of access to the necessary technology and my not having the technical skill set to create what we wanted.  It hardly seems possible that was in 2008!  However, suffice it to say that not only has our skill set (while still limited) has expanded by leaps and bounds, but--even better--the technology we needed at the time, is easily and inexpensively available these days..  Now, today, the really big challenge is wanting to make a good choice about what type of software and media will best accomplish our goals.  We know that a traditional, static website is a passe, unnecessary and labor-intenesive to keep up.  But do we go more social (Facebook) or more discussion forum such as this one?  We wish for a happy blend, but there is nothing out there at the moment that will marry the two as elegantly as I would prefer.  As to a  directory of secular meetings, that is a piece of cake compared with what I was up against six years ago.  In fact the real challenge is not creating a directory or even populating it--admittedly two big projects--but somehow persuading (forcing?  :mad-new:) meeting secretaries to update their listings in a timely manner.  Nothing will kill a directory faster than users checking 2 or 3 listings only to find that the information is stale, or that there are not enough listings to be useful to them.

Anyway, I guess I am in a web projects development mode, and this one keeps getting in my face and demanding some know of action.  Perhapos we will see something before to long.

Discussion is most welcome.