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Mindfulness “bit rot”
« on: May 29, 2014, 02:28:03 AM »
Back when I was a software engineer, we used to talk about “bit rot”.
“Bit” refers to how a computer stores information.
A bit is the smallest amount of information it can store.
All of the programs and files on your computer, tablet, or smartphone
are stored as “bits”.
“Rot” refers to decay and decomposition.
Just like fruit rots when left sitting.
Or wood rots when it stays wet too long.
So “bit rot” refers to the fact that programs and data “decay” the
longer they are left sitting.
Now, don’t worry. Your computer or phone isn’t rotting from the inside.
It’s a metaphor.
It refers to the fact that programs need to be constantly maintained.
Constantly updated.
Or the programs won’t perform as well as they used to.
It’s why operating systems, anti-virus software, and phone apps keep
giving you updates. I know some people groan when they see their
computer loading 20 or 30 updates. But it’s done to prevent “bit rot”.
As computers change, as the internet changes, as even people change,
then programs need to change to keep up with what’s required of them.
Well, your brain and nervous system aren’t all that different.
It will experience “mindfulness bit rot” as well.
You won’t just one day “be mindful” and never have to do anything else.
Mindfulness requires constant maintenance.
And constant upgrades.
Of course, having reminders like these daily emails helps.
But it’s not enough to just be nudged about it once a day.
You need a serious upgrade to your mindfulness skills every so often.
Because as the world changes …
As your life situation changes …
And as YOU change …
Your mindfulness needs to change to keep up with what’s required of it.
Every month, I do a monthly “download” of updated mindfulness to our
Mindful Masters group. It usually contains an in-depth exploration of
levels of mindfulness unknown to the unmindful masses.
Unknown even to many people who are experienced in mindfulness.
Now, this monthly “download” isn’t online.
It’s a paper-and-ink (old school) newsletter.
Because some of this stuff CAN’T be shared online.
And this month is no exception.
This month, we are going over the “greater secrets”.
That’s the literal translation of the name of 22 hidden mindfulness
archetypes. As far as I know, this practice using the “greater secrets”
has only been passed on orally. This is the first time they are being
written down.
So this June issue will be a serious “upgrade” to your brain and nervous
It blows all of your previous mindfulness work out of the water.
But you have to sign up now.
After a full year of open registration, we’re closing Mindful Masters to
new members.
This is the FINAL WEEK of open registration for Mindful Masters.
After this Friday, you’ll have to jump through a number of hoops
(prerequisite courses) before you can join.
So no kidding around here, NOW may be the last time YOU can join.
So get rid of your mindfulness “bit rot”.
And get ready to install the latest “mind-blowing” upgrade here:



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