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Author Topic: Living Kindness Meditation - Listen now!  (Read 1706 times)


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Living Kindness Meditation - Listen now!
« on: September 16, 2015, 08:56:01 AM »

Hi ForumMates,Here is a Loving Kindness Meditation guided by Steve Hickman.  It is from the Center for Mindfulness, University of California San Diego.  Please visit the center for class/workshop schedule (F2F and online), events and free downloads of other meditations.  It is a wonderful resource.

This meditation may be a bit advanced for those with little or no experience with mindfulness and meditation.  However, it certainly cannot hurt and can be very enjoyable, and there is nothing about it that is difficult to understand or to do.  It only takes 15 minutes.  Just sit or lie comfortably in a place you won't be disturbed for 15 minutes.  Allow your eyes to close gently. Breathe gently, quietly and naturally.   Lying down is fine if that doesn't encourage you to fall asleep. Remind yourself that we are not trying to "get anywhere" or to achieve any special state. Simply relax and follow the instructions as best as you can.