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Author Topic: Rex and Rex's Excellent Adventure or Oh, God, why couldn't I have just stayed ho  (Read 2240 times)


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Good Morning, ForumMates,

Not sure if this should be in visas or trip reports, but here goes.

Ran out of time and needed to get my financial affidavit from the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok in order to renew my visa extension later this month.  My original thought was flying down early morning (it's really cheap these days), making the appointment at 7:30 am, and then flying back in time for lunch.  However, I discovered that the LATEST appointment the Embassy had was 9:00 or 9:30 am.  No flights early enough in the morning would get me there on time. So, my new plan  was to do as I have done in the past, take good old NCA First Class "red eye" bus at 12:00 midnight to arrive Bangers around 5:30 am or thereabouts.  It was sensible logistically get myself to the vicinity of the Embassy to start.  Unfortunately, the same thing, or nearly the same thing happened as I remembered from years ago.  At 6:00 am, there is just nothing shaking in that area.  Even the street vendors won't be set up and open until around 7:00 am. There are several big hotels nearby, but the restaurants were not open.  I finally walked down to the intersection, turned right and walked into the Novotel, big fancy joint.  The coffee shop/pub off the lobby was open wasn't serving food yet.  The restaurant on the 8th floor was open, 500 THB for non-guests.  I guess that was for the buffet, but I didn't have the time or the $$ to luxuriate in a buffet.  Back down to the coffee shop.  At least the coffee was quite good.  It have better have been good for 189 THB !!!  Anyway, at least I had a bit of refuge for 30 minutes.  Then back to the Embassy . . .

Everything was routine. As expected, I had to turn over my cell phone, but was surpirsed when they asked for my headphones (earbuds) as well.  OK, lah!  No problema!

Gettig the financial affidavit was quick and routine . . . except for the unanticiapted price increase of $20.  Now it's $50 bucks for the dman letter!  That's the easiest $50 Mr. Obama ever made!   How could their costs for spending 2 minutes to certify a document have increased by 70%? Oh well, never mind, lah!  In and out in less than 30 min.

Then unfortunately, when I collected my cell phone on the way out, I have forgotten that I had checked my headphones and left without them!  Shit!  I had been on a bus for six hours all night  and was rushing to catch a plane back.  That's my excuse.  What excuse does security have for nabbing my headphones?  Ordinarily  this would be a non-issue, but these headpones happend to be Urbanears, difficult to find in LOS and 1,700 THB!  They used to be on sale at Lazada for 800-1,000 THB, but Lazada doesn't even carry them anymore. 

Very expensive morning at the good old Embassy.

AirAsia was late to board, but left on time, and the flight was uneventful, thankfully.  Didn't even have to resort to my emergency Xanax.   I had to laugh when the flight attendants were sorting out the food orders, reminded us that AirAsia forbids you to being "outside food" on board. Overpay for our over-priced, crappy food or starve!   Come on Tony Fernandes! Stop being an asshole! 

Fortunately, I had already eaten.  I had not been in Don Juan airport in maybe a decade. Happy to see the place spruced up and efficient, lots of different kinds of restaurants.

End of "Rex and Rex's Excellent Adventure or Oh, God, why couldn't I have just stayed home instead?"